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Belconnen Soccer Club Limited (ABN 60 527 470 200)
Community Purpose Contribution
For the period  01/07/2019 TO 30/06/2020

Belconnen Soccer Club (the Club) was established with the opening of our Hawker premises on 15th August 1980 and on 7th November 1998 the McKellar premises was opened.

The Club’s constitution outlines our objectives which is to provide facilities, amenities and services to facilitate social intercourse, good fellowship and good citizenship amongst members and promote the game of soccer.  The support the Club gives to the community aims to meet these objectives.

To that end on 23rd November 2002 McKellar park was opened.

In addition to meeting these objectives the  Club has many long standing relationships with the community.  We work closely with our local community to provide a range of support to a diverse selection of community groups and organisations.  We meet regularly with our long standing and local groups to nurture our relationship to ensure positive outcomes to the community.  During these meetings, the Club  works closely with the recipient to ensure contributions received are used appropriately.  The Club reviews the procedures and processes on how the contributions are to be used on an annual basis.  

Connecting with our community is a priority and this is done effectively through a variety of channels including telephone communication, emails, Club website and notice boards within the Club.  Our Club’s website invites and enables the broader community to approach the Club directly, should they wish to apply for financial and/or in-kind support.